The ‘Beef’ About Beef – The Truth About Red & Processed Meats

Friday, 20 Nov 15

The red meat debate is a tricky one. On one hand we have food that we know the more we eat, the greater our risk of some cancers. On the other hand, the effects of having too little can cause the most prevalent nutrient deficiencies in the world and be so debilitating it can severely affect daily functioning. The other issue is that red meat and processed meats are not one and the same and their link with chronic disease is quite different. So before you decide to go vegan, what’s the ‘beef’ with red and processed meats and how do we find the perfect balance?

Superfoods We Might Be Overeating

Thursday, 12 Nov 15

As super as a food may be, there is no doubt we can have too much of a good thing. Overdoing it on a healthy food can have consequences for our health and may make reaching weight and health goals very difficult. 

The Mindful Eating Movement

Sunday, 11 Oct 15

These days we’re so over-saturated with information on what to eat, we’ve all become amateur nutritionists. However far too little attention is focused on how to eat.

Top Five Tips to Reducing Cholesterol

Wendnesday, 02 Sep 15

Many a myth floats around about the right and wrong foods to eat to lower cholesterol. Eggs and prawns were demonised for years as a major contributor to high cholesterol but the times have changed and a great deal of research has been done in the meantime. Just as much as we know there are foods that can cause our cholesterol to increase, there are foods that can reduce our cholesterol too. 

What exactly is ‘Clean Eating’? And how can I do it?

Wendnesday, 19 Aug 15

‘Clean Eating’ has become quite the buzz term lately. You may have read that it’s what Gwyneth does or maybe your trainer has advised you to ‘eat clean.’ I like what this eating term represents; it’s simple and conjures images of wholefoods, fresh fruit and vegetables, home cooking, no packaged or fatty fried or sugary foods. There are no calorie-counting or restrictive rules, just a focus on conscious and mindful food decisions. The problem is that ‘clean eating’ has no official definition and is therefore open to interpretation. It also implies that particular foods and ways of eating are ‘clean’ or ‘good’ and therefore others must be...’dirty’ or ‘bad’ and may contribute to a fear of some foods. However, there are a number of major positive messages that consistently shine through. So what exactly is clean eating and how can you… eat clean?

What is the Low FODMAP Diet & How can it Help IBS?

Monday, 06 Jul 15

Do you find you’re wearing loose, baggy clothes to cover a bloated, uncomfortable belly? Have you tried eliminating every food under the sun hoping it’ll help with constipation or diarrhoea with little improvement? Then the low FODMAP diet might be the answer for you. 

Lost Weight? So Where Did it Go?

Monday, 29 Jun 15

There are many misconceptions about weight loss. Weight loss implies that weight has in fact been misplaced, perhaps taken by a magical weight fairy and might just be hiding somewhere ready to be found again if you for instance ate a few pieces of chocolate after dinner. Alarmingly, most doctors and health professionals don’t actually know where body fat goes when you lose weight, most believing it is converted into energy or heat, which is scientifically impossible.

Why Most Diets Fail

Wendnesday, 20 May 15

Most diets fail. The science shows it’s the case, and certainly in my ten years as a Dietitian, my observations have shown time and again that diets are almost always, a destiny for failure. Diets are hard and the more restrictive they are, the harder they are to stick to. 

Wonderful Wholegrains

Tuesday, 14 Apr 15

Grains are a hot topic right now. Whether to eat them or not can passionately divide a room. Those who are against grains claim wheat and gluten in grains can disrupt digestion, promote bloating and cause weight gain. There is no doubt that if you’re coeliac or suffer from non-coeliac gluten sensitivity or FODMAP intolerance, eliminating some grains from your diet is absolutely essential. However for those who don’t need to avoid grains, wholegrains are a misunderstood powerfood that have an essential role as part of a healthy diet. 

Recent research suggests ‘you can’t outrun a bad diet’ - So how much of this is true?

Wendnesday, 11 Mar 15

Weight loss is possibly one of the most highly talked about and controversial topics of recent times. How to achieve that weight loss can divide a room due to the mass information overload we’re constantly bombarded with. From scientists, celebrities, personal trainers, nutritionists, those with personal experiences and big companies. They’re all flogging their weight loss messages. Do we low carb, low fat, high protein, superfood, high intensity interval train or just walk, drink green tea, calorie count…!???

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