Foods that sound healthy - but are not!

Wendnesday, 29 Jun 16

By Jaime Rose Chambers

Whether it’s great marketing or a catchy name that screams ‘healthy,’ some foods sound like they must be uber healthy. Don’t be fooled!! Here are some foods that sound healthy – but are not!

  • Sushi Not all sushi of course – sashimi salmon or tuna rich in essential fats, cooked rice, seaweed – great. What’s not so great – the tempura prawns and fried chicken, mayonnaise drizzled on top, cooked tuna mixed with mayonnaise. Steer clear of the ‘westernised’ options 
  • Granola and granola bars Take your muesli with oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds – super-healthy. Then add oil and honey or fruit juice and toast it and you have granola. Not only does it contain extra fats and sugars but the benefits of the fats from the nuts and seeds are lost when toasted at a high temperature 
  • Fro-yo (frozen yoghurt) Anything with ‘yoghurt’ in the title must be healthy right!? Some brands are better than others with the ingredients they use and will display the ingredient list and nutrition panel, but it’s the jumbo portions and toppings of m&m’s, cheesecake bites and cookie dough that really drops fro-yo’s healthy status 
  • Gluten-free alternatives Gluten-free most certainly does not equal healthy. In fact, in some cases it’s less healthy than its gluten-containing counterpart, using refined fours and fillers. It’s also not immune to added sugars and fats. Only choose gluten-free foods if you are coeliac or have a gluten-intolerance and see a Dietitian for help choosing the healthiest options 
  • Reduced fat peanut butter Take fat out of a product and you need to fill the gap with something else – that’s sugar. Go for 100% nut pastes, they’re a great source of healthy fats 
  • Veggie chips Sadly it turns out veggie chips often have similar fat, salt and calorie content as the regular potato variety.

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